Have a Healthy Back for the Holidays!


Traveling is a great gift you can give yourself for the holidays, especially when it means you will be visiting with friends and family. But traveling during the holidays means busy airports and lots of traffic, so what can you do to avoid those travel pains? Here are our tips to keep your back healthy while traveling.

Take Your Time

If you try to rush through your entire trip, you are more likely to suffer from pain. That is because you aren’t allowing yourself to get up, move, and stretch. If you make a plan that allows for plenty of time to get to and from each destination, you are more likely to stop and rest as needed. This can make a huge difference, as being in one stiff position (like cramped up in the car) can cause some serious back pain.

Make Sure You Have Enough Space

Whether you are traveling by plain, train, or car, make sure you have enough room. The less room you have to stretch your arms and legs, the tighter your body will be, and the more you are going to hurt. It’s not always possible to stretch all the way out, but there are some things you can do to help. Start by packing light so your bags aren’t taking up your personal space. Adjust seats as needed, remove excess junk from your car, and space people evenly so everyone can enjoy as much room as possible.

Prepare Your Body With Chiropractic

Another great way to prevent travel pains is by preparing ahead of time. A great way to do this is by maintaining regular chiropractic care. As chiropractors, we remove the restrictions from the vertebrae of the spine, which improves mobility and flexibility and makes your body more comfortable. When you return, contact us to schedule another appointment so we can work out and aches and pains you picked up along the way. We want to help you have a happy and healthy holiday, this year and every year!