Balance Starts With Your Feet!


Chiropractors are widely understood as back and neck doctors. What many people don’t realize is that we provide much more than back and neck pain relief! It also comes as a surprise to many that your feet are incredibly important in relation to your spine. You sit, stand, walk, run, and move all throughout the day. There might be times when your shoes don’t fit right or are particularly hard on your feet (we’re talking to you in the high heels!). You then wonder why you’re suffering from back pain. It is about time to show your feet the appreciation they deserve. Here’s what you need to know:


Here’s a question for you: do you know how many ligaments, tendons, and muscles are in your feet? Over 100! Let’s get more specific: How many bones are in your feet? If you answered 52, you got it right. Your foot is home to 1/4 of the bones in your body and, on average, a person will walk what is equivalent to four times around the world in their lifetime. Those impressive numbers reflect just how important our feet are and why we need to take care of them. It’s not often that we stop and think about it, but our feet provide stability and movement. Even a small foot issue will cause your body to react and adapt the way in which you stand, walk, and run. An altered gait can then cause stress on the lower back, leading to further dysfunction and pain. The health of our feet is often ignored, but it is important to take great care of them.

Caring for your Feet

Usually, pain is an indicator that there’s a bigger issue at hand. An example of this is plantar fasciitis, which presents itself through pain but is a result of neglected feet. Here are our tips to prevent this problem:

  • Wear comfortable shoes with support

  • Use arch supports that are custom to your needs

  • Walk on soft surfaces whenever possible, and avoid concrete when you can

  • Get regular chiropractic adjustments

Taking care of your feet is a step in the right direction to improve the overall health of your spine. If you have more questions about how your spine and feet work together, just ask during your next appointment or contact us to schedule a consultation.