Electrical Stimulation

It may seem that chiropractic care is limited to chiropractic adjustments, but that is just another misconception. Although we do focus on spinal adjustments, which makes us unique in our treatment of patients with spinal issues, we have many forms of therapy that we employ. Natural forms of therapy such as cold, heat, massage, water, light, and exercise are just a few of the therapeutic treatments often used by chiropractors. When used in a controlled atmosphere, these and other elements promote healing and treatment in the body’s overall function and can help with several health issues.

One of the tools we use for treatment is electrical stimulation. During this form of therapy, electrodes are put on specific places on the skin with the task of controlling and eliminating muscle spasms, reducing inflammation, and relieving back pain. Electrical stimulation might sound intimidating, but it is easy on the patient, as it simply requires you to relax as the electrodes on the skin gently stimulate the muscles and ligaments they are attached to.

Another added benefit for our athletes out there is that electrical stimulation is not only effective for treating muscle spasm and back pain, but also for muscle recovery. Think about how relaxed you feel after a deep tissue massage. Electrical stimulation works by mimicking those effects. During treatment, your body experiences an increased flow of blood to the area where the electrode is placed, providing muscles that have been constricted during exercise to get the blood flow needed to best recover.

After your initial appointment and consultation, we will develop a customized treatment plan for you to best address your specific areas of concern. These treatment plans often include a variety of the treatment methods we offer, including spinal adjustments, and electrical stimulation, which has provided many of our patients with back pain relief!