Chiropractic for Pregnancy

One of the most important times in a mother’s life is when she finds out she’s expecting, and it’s also one of the most important times to see a chiropractor. Immediately after conception, a woman’s body goes through a number of changes. Back, pelvic, and postural changes can lead to unwanted discomfort, pain, and difficulty during the birth itself. Here at Bird Chiropractic, we can help make your pregnancy as easy as possible.

How Can Chiropractic Help During Pregnancy?


The spine is comprised of 24 independent vertebrae that allow your body to move, bend, and twist. It also protects the fragile nervous system that coordinates and controls every cell, tissue, and organ in the body.

Misalignments of the spine, or subluxations, occur when two or more vertebrae become restricted and negatively affect the body’s ability to properly send messages. During pregnancy, joint dysfunctions can be caused by the many changes taking place in a woman’s body as it prepares to support both mother and baby.

Changes such as weight gain, rotation of the pelvis, and poor posture force the body to adapt to additional stress that is placed on the spine. These changes impede both joint function and nerve communication throughout the body.

Our training and experience have made us experts in finding and correcting joint dysfunctions throughout the body during pregnancy. By applying gentle, targeted movements to the mother's spinal column and extremities where needed, chiropractic care can help to improve nerve communication throughout the body and restore proper joint function. These chiropractic adjustments are particularly beneficial for expectant mothers as they can help with many symptoms experienced during pregnancy including controlling symptoms of nausea and providing pain relief in the joints, neck, and back. Chiropractic care can also reduce the time of labor and delivery and potentially prevent a cesarean delivery. Additionally, a healthy spine means a healthy immune system, so mom will be able to heal and recover quickly.

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